John shares his thoughts on the Wild Workshop weekend, Meet Derek, Roundtable plus see exciting new projects and latest creation images to make you drool.​​




Thanks to all of our employees who helped out with the oneTree Wild Workshop on Earth Day weekend! Special thanks to Donna for organizing. Pretty much everyone helped in some way, with cleaning up, setting up, and putting everything back on Monday morning, picking up stuff, delivering stuff, processing payments, taking pictures and videos etc. By the end of the weekend, everyone involved had a great time, instructors and participants alike.

The meal by Farm Table Inn was awesome, Fresh Salmon barbecued on cedar from the same oneTree we were making all the pieces from. From one blown down Maple Mountain cedar tree donated by North Cowichan, we made 6 large salmon planks, 6 end tables, 12 benches, 8 Adirondack chairs, 5 foot rests, 3 trellises and 7 arbours and there is a little wood left over, but not much!

Thanks to Bailey, the winemaker from Blue Grouse for introducing the wines for our dinner.

Participants filled out a review after the weekend, rating several aspects on a scale of 1 to 4. Our lowest score on anything was a three, and there were several 5’s pencilled in, so the average was 4/4- not bad at all!

We even managed to squeeze in a hike to the site where the cedar tree grew on Maple Mountain (see picture below of me counting the rings, about 85 years old).

We hope to inspire folks to think about what can be done with just one tree.


~ John


A few words from a participant...
"Again, thank you – and the entire Live Edge Design team - for a wonderful weekend of woodworking.  My bench looks terrific in our backyard. " - Nadine



Multi-talented Purchaser.

Derek is our purchaser, he makes sure we have what we need when we need it, to get the job done. He's always willing to pitch in, whether it's helping assemble a piece for the showroom, wrap and crate a piece for a client or help a group of amateur woodworkers create an Adirondack chair. Derek is our Man.

Do you have any hobbies?

"I enjoy playing recreational sports. My main sport is soccer, but I’ll play almost anything. Tennis and golf are two other I like. In the summer I go camping and hiking."


Favourite tree...

" The Arbutus tree is my favourite because of its distinct bark."



"If I could have any superpower it would be the ability to control time." 

We suspect this might be because he'd be able to get complete control over delivery dates and ordering deadlines.






Check out these round, table designs. With a live edge and without these timeless tables are crisp, modern and allow for great dinner conversations as you gather and face those sitting around you.




"We absolutely adore these pieces!!! 

Thanks so much to everyone involved for creating such beautiful designs!!"






We pride ourselves on being an active, contributing member of the Cowichan Valley. This month we were able to finish and deliver three dining tables and 6 benches to the kitchen and dining room project at Alexander Elementary. This wouldn't have happened without the donated labour of our own Mike Shaw and Stéfane Dimopolous. Assembly by Shawn Shaw. Donated wood by Upper Canada & Hardwoods Specialty Products, donated metal components by Michael Moore Fine Wood Working.




Todd has designed and crafted this exceptional dining table from walnut with maple tree carving and his signature walnut and maple carved leaves. In stock and available 84" l x 42" w. $12,700.

Tall, dark and handsome. This stained maple communal table features a glass river and rock detail with Blackcomb base. Private residence.

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