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Last week I had the opportunity to step away from my desk for a while and release my inner adventurer on an incredible cruise around the Gulf Islands on 'Swell' a tugboat owned and operated by Maple Leaf Adventures. This boutique expedition experience fanned the flame for my passion for nature and our incredible surroundings on Vancouver Island...It's got me planning a oneTree Wild Workshop and being bolder in our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience for our clients, "An Art Furniture Experience LIKE NO OTHER". 

Back at my desk, I'm developing new designs in an exciting collaboration with Ancient Art of Stone, helping oneTree selected artisans select just the right piece of oneTree for their project (one such artisan, Tim Motchman, had a piece displayed on the back deck of 'Swell'), and shouting from the rooftops the exciting news of our free return shipping policy' for online sales...I'm going to need another vacation if I keep this up!

John Lore, Owner, Live Edge Design 

My beautiful wife, Dorothy, and the kelp and fish carving by Tim Motchman.

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We're making a statement.


We are so confident in  our quality and ability to create jaw dropping first impressions and hand-strokingly smooth finishes that we will return any online purchase if you're not satisfied.




We have been hand cutting, shaping and polishing glass inlays for almost a decade. During this time we have honed our craft and refined our style to highlight natural features in the wood and help make a usable dining surface on what would otherwise be rather bumpy.

We call these features 'Puddles', 'Tidepools' and 'River Runs'. If you want to see more example images and find out where they get their names visit




True masters have joined forces to collaborate on a series of pieces entitled 'Ancient Live Edge'. This debut piece is just the beginning for John Lore,Owner at Live Edge Design and husband and wife team, Naomi and Andreas Kunert of Ancient Art of Stone. Pictured as a dining table but could look equally dashing as a sliding barn style door.

This single slab of Western Maple tells its story in harmony with the ancient rocks at its centre. A balance of natural elements that is striking and will spark the most incredible dinner conversation.   Dimensions: 108" l x 42" w x 29.5" h

Each rock is selected and placed by Andreas with crystals specifically selected by Naomi. Read more online about each rock and crystal...



oneTree Wild Workshop

We're applying our oneTree concept an to a wild weekend workshop in the woods.

Learn how to make beautiful rustic garden furniture and structures while collaborating in a project to see how many things can be made from a single cedar tree that blew down in our community forest.
Choose from a bench, trellis, gate, chair or planter box that you build under the direction of  a trained woodworker- and take your creation home with you!
We will mill the tree trunk into planks and use the limbs of the tree as poles, making use of as much of the tree as possible. Build your knowledge of trees and woodworking while enjoying the camaraderie of this oneTree experience. You will be able to camp or drive in daily to participate.

Scrapes, bruises, callouses and sore muscles are likely. Adventure, new friends and feeling of achievement guaranteed.

To express your interest in this please email donna@liveedgedesign.com


Live Edge Design.

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