The nature of design

This month sees the launch of our new online store. Unlike our custom business, this 'store' creates an avenue for us to pre-build a piece or two...a virtual playground of design for me. For me, this design process is about looking at what the wood is saying; it's curves, character and colour. How it can be placed together in such away as to amplify the natural beauty and create something truly spectacular! See the bookmatched curves of the Cove Aria table or the flipped, ('ying yang') nesting slabs of the 'Zen table'.
-John Lore, Owner and President
Cove Aria dining table
Cove Aria dining table
Zen dining table
Zen dining table

Meet Todd...

Todd has never taken a coffee break. When the boss tells him he must stop working he simply starts to work on something different. To read more of Todd's story click here. To meet other members of 'Team Live Edge' click here.

Todd has been particularly busy over the last few months, ever since the 'Surplus wood program' was created. This initiative ensures that even more of our leftover wood pieces get put to their best use. All Live Edge employees get a chance to make something from wood off cuts, overs or shorts and sell them in the new online store.

See Todd and some of his wood surplus creations below...

Walnut mandala coffee table
Walnut mandala coffee table

What happens in Vegas...

We're headed to Las Vegas (May 4 - 6th 2016) for the Hospitality Design Expo. We'll be representing our province in the city that never sleeps...were sharing a booth with BC Wood, Sticks and Stones, Barker Manufacturing and NicoSpacecraft.

If you're going to be in the area drop John, Amber or Christine a line and see what they have up their sleeve.

Stay tuned for more news, booth designs and product designs.

Hot off the planer...

We were commisioned to make a walnut dining table with an angled edges and a base to mirror these angles. We call it 'Kett'...actually our client came up with the name. The Kett dining table (pictured below in walnut) is fast become a favourite among our staff so we thought we'd's so fresh we haven't found a home for it in the online portfolio! Enjoy these images and check back for a link. See it in person at Brougham Interiors.

New feature...

We've made it easy for you to find the images and products you're looking for (and even some you didn;t know existed).

Our new search feacture (see right) will take any and all keywords you can think of and deliver results right before your eyes. Give it a whirl...let Donna know what you think of our new site and be entered to win a Charcuterie board! (contest closes March 31st 2016). 

What are you looking for today?