January 2017


This month we see our biggest order hit the production floor...over 350 headboards for a resort in Arizona.

When the initial order came through I was ecstatic, I believe there may have been a happy dance, or two, in the office. But the reality of such a large order soon hit home.

We are accustomed to handling large orders but, this time, I wanted to challenge myself and my team to fulfill this order and continue to deliver all other orders in our usual 6 - 8 week lead time.

I thought I would give you an insight into what this means for us.

We have built and stocked another kiln (bringing the tally to 6 kilns) to handle the extra wood that will need to be cut and dried (these headboards are destined for Arizona so strict drying regimes will need to be adhered to, to ensure proper acclimatization for their final destination).

We have hired 4 new members of staff who will be dedicated to this project; one to help cut the salvaged logs into slabs, one to help flatten the logs into slabs and two extra woodworkers to create and finish the headboards. 

I am thrilled to see our team of 29 face this challenge head on and deliver quality above all else.

John Lore, Owner, Live Edge Design 






We recently had the pleasure of building a GIANT conference table for SSDG Interiors taking their vision sketch and turning it into a table that's 18ft long and 6ft wide. The perfect west coast statement piece for SSDG's BC Tourism industry client.  


Photo Credit: SSDG Interiors Inc






 "Live Edge Design's attention to detail and high standards have given them a reputation and when I moved to the Cowichan Valley I knew I wanted to be part of the team. 

After a lot of time spent bothering them with more resumes than I could possibly count, I was accepted and taken on as an apprentice wood worker. It was serendipitous timing for Live Edge and I as the company was in need of extra hands for a monolithic, upcoming project and I was in need of work having just moved in from the city."      





Some of our latest creations have been uploaded to our online store

Phantom Bar Stool $622 CAD each 
Walnut Coffee Table $2600 CAD



ONETREE 2017...


50 Artisans have been selected to take part in oneTree 2017. You can read more about each of them here.


The exhibit will take place in November but there will be lots happening in the lead up to that so make sure you keep up to date by liking our facebook page


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Come and see some of our pieces on display at the Cowichan Artisans Exhibit February 1 - 28th 2017 at the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre.

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