July Newsletter


Island hopping, latest communal table, Peppy the truck, recent projects and the wild workshop weekend


When Donna asked me to write something for the news letter I thought "What could I say that would be interesting to others?"

Recently my husband Rick and I decided to take a few days and tour around North west Washington and back up through Squamish and Whistler.

Our trip started with the ferry from Sidney to Anacortes, and while in the Anacortes Washington area we toured local farmers markets, visited some beautiful little heritage towns on the coast and had lunch in lovely ocean side restaurants.

One of the highlights for us was a boat cruise that left from a beautiful little town called Fair Haven. The tour took us out through the San Juan Islands stopping at Friday Harbour then back on the boat for whale watching. It was a beautiful day and a great way to see the many San Juan, gulf islands.

I have been with Live Edge for about three years now and as we traveled I found myself thinking of some the customers I have had the opportunity to work with that live in some of the areas we passed through. I thought about their beautiful pieces of furniture we have created and the gorgeous settings they would be in.

When we returned home I felt the need to reach out to one of those customers, the Roochvargs from Friday habour. Lynn and Alan sent me a lovely photo of their coffee table as it sits in their living room with the beautiful view of the channel toward Lopez & Orcas islands. Thanks to them, I now have a vision in my head of how much they enjoy their table.

The spectacular scenery throughout our little trip made me realize truly what a wonderful part of the world we live in.

From a relaxed and well rested, Betty

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The Victoria Star, San Juan Cruises
A map of the San Juan Islands



Come for a walk in the woods with John in the video below  to find out more about our wild workshop in the woods, August 26 and 27



"We are very pleased with the table. We use the table almost every day - it can be formal or casual... it is perfect. AND the bar and table work so well together."




Cascade communal table
Custom coffee table designed to be versatile without sacrificing the impact of the grain
Elegant edges on this Blackcomb coffee table




From OneTree Exhibit Artist Charlie Pickard:


"Lots of fun and imagination to bring to together. Inside there will be a main floor, a sleeping loft and an attic where the Gnomes keep their magic treasures hidden away...You will be able to see inside from the windows (3) on the outside trunk along with viewing through the front panel top window, the french doors on the balcony and through the main front door. I am still in the design stage for the roof... it will have a wicked whimsical shape. 

Charlie's work, along with the work of 50 other artists will be on display November 16th, 2017 for the OneTree Exhibit at the Robert Bateman Centre.


Meet more of the oneTree artists here


Or follow our facebook page to see updates and become a part of our community. If you experienced the last exhibit please consider writing a comment on this page to help us spread the word!




Peppy is not new to the team but he has had a face lift! Our delivery pick-up, Peppy, can be seen out and about on the road or lounging around outside our studio. He likes blue skies, The Zone fm and can store an amazing amount of furniture in his bed.

Be sure to *honk* when you see him around!



We recently had the privilege to work with Harbor City Kitchens

Turning their curvaceous countertop concept into reality.

See more of this project on Houzz.





"We just got the shelves up and think the look absolutely wonderful. They certainly dress up our entrance hall. "  Lori.