This months edition of our newsletter is introduced by our Marketing Manager, Donna and is chock-full of stunning new designs, an insight into the new lounge design at Tigh-na-Mara Resort and Spa.



As camping season approaches (and for our family that is the full tenting version of camping) I've been researching some great, toddler friendly campsites on Vancouver Island and reading Bill Bryson's hilarious tales of hiking the Appalachan Trail in his book 'A walk in the Woods'.

As we hike around the West Coast, Mike and I share our plant and tree knowledge with our toddlers in the hopes of imparting the importance of our surroundings and our role in stewardship. Not only is Bill Bryson's tale funny but it also eye opening and educational...it is a lesson in East Coast fauna and flora and the trials or stewarding (let alone hiking) a 2,200 mile trail.

Maybe one day we'll hike and camp for a part of the Appalachan Trail (once my memory of the bear tails fades).

An insight into my inner workings...who would you like to hear from next?

Donna Shaw, Marketing Manager, Live Edge Design



OneTree Exhibit Artist Gary David shows us the amazing transformation his piece of walnut has taken.


Gary's work along with the work of 50 other artists will be on display November 16th, 2017 for the OneTree Exhibit at the Robert Bateman Centre.


Meet more of the oneTree artists here


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                                                                     "Love love LOVE!!!!!  Our lounges look and function beautifully.  Our owners were in on Wednesday and agree that the tables are beautiful. 

                                                                           We have already had some groups in the Private Lounge and the square tables work perfectly for comfort and large surface areas. 

                                                                        Now we need to get you in here for a spa treatment so you can enjoy our new space and see the fruits of your labour."

    Tigh-Na-Mara Resort and Spa

                                                                                       Photos by the talented photographer and TNM banquet manager Hugo Mailot



Colton is our shipping and assembly assistant with a head for marketing and the future. He describes himself as friendly, passionate and fiercely ambitious.

Colton can be seen cruising in the Live Edge delivery van or wielding a screwdriver and level in the shipping department...preassembling pieces to make sure everything ships in tip top shape. Quality first. On the weekends you might catch him shooting a music video or driving a primo sports car.

Find out more about our Team at 



John Lore, of Live Edge Design, and Yves St Hilaire, of Sticks+Stones, have joined forces to create an exceptional, award winning table for the communal dining movement. A perfect fusion of wood, concrete and metal; The Kawa Table.

This table recently won a gold ADEX award for design excellence the second award this table has received. This design first received the prestigious free standing furniture award at the Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas.   We're super proud to be partnered with the best concrete artists this side of the globe!






This stunning ink sketch recently appeared in our instagram news feed. It is the work of talented interior designer and artist Patti Ransom...you can see more at  www.instagram.com/pattiransom/

This sketch seemed apt for us Live Edgers who constantly have trees on the brain.

Thanks for letting us share your work Patti.



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oneTree Wild Workshop

We're applying our oneTree concept an to a wild weekend workshop in the woods.

Learn how to make beautiful rustic garden furniture and structures while collaborating in a project to see how many things can be made from a single cedar tree that blew down in our community forest.
Choose from a bench, trellis, gate, chair or planter box that you build under the direction of  a trained woodworker- and take your creation home with you!
We will mill the tree trunk into planks and use the limbs of the tree as poles, making use of as much of the tree as possible. Build your knowledge of trees and woodworking while enjoying the camaraderie of this oneTree experience. You will be able to camp or drive in daily to participate.

Scrapes, bruises, callouses and sore muscles are likely. Adventure, new friends and feeling of achievement guaranteed.

Click here to purchase your ticket




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