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230 Days until oneTree 2017...

November 16th is the opening date for oneTree 2017 at the Robert Bateman Centre where my vision for the upmost value of a single tree is realised.

The large volume of wood in the Walnut tree allows 52 participating artisans, 10 more than worked on the original oneTree project. 27 of the artists, or about half, also produced items for the original Maple exhibit, though none are making the same piece this time. Among the 25 new artisans are a few First Nations artists.
Anyone who visited the first exhibit will vouch for the quality and creativity of the pieces and participants in the show. There are a couple of new participating artists whose workshops I have had the pleasure of touring and I am very excited to have on board. One is John Marston who has an amazingly beautiful contemporary take on traditional First Nations design. In addition to winning several other design competitions, John’s artwork will be adorning the side of the next BC Ferry. Another new participant is Andreas Kunert who is becoming Internationally known for his intricate and flowing stone mosaics. I will have the pleasure of partnering with Andreas this year in making a barn style door for the exhibit.

John Lore, Owner, Live Edge Design 

Abstract Moon by John Marston
'Love Story' by Ancient Art of Stone

#West Coast

Wonderful West Coast image shared by one of our clients and dear friend, Suzi Beber.



"Words cannot adequately express how much we love our Live Edge table!!!  

We had high expectations but actually seeing the table uncrated, set in place and then living with it for the past two weeks has simply been extraordinary!  

There’s a Charles Dicken’s quote that I think perfectly captures how we love the table the Live Edge team created for us:  

“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.”  

And we want to extend special thanks to Amber, for shepherding us through the design and creation process – we are forever grateful to you for your wisdom and patience throughout the journey!  Of course, you have an open invitation to our home should you ever find yourself in Houston – we would be honored to share a meal with you at our lovely table!"   Susan and Charles



This recent walnut wonder was 16 ft long and included two extensions using our specially designed hardware that allows the natural curves of the tree to be retained when the extension leaves are added.




If you live in the Cowichan Valley you may have seen our new wheels... but we also have other shipping methods...check out our new shipping details web




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Today we say goodbye to Aaron Campbell who designed and implemented what is now lovingly called 'The System', a behemoth of a database that keeps us organized. We give him the final word and wish him all the best for the future...

"So comes to its close another era at Live Edge Design. Wait - that seems a tad highfalutin. I'm leaving. Wait - that seems a bit brief. After six years being in and around the company, I'm heading to pastures on the Peninsula! Working here has been a wonderful experience, and I’ve always been proud to tell everyone that I do various things at the well known Live Edge Design in the Cowichan Valley. Working with all of you has been lots of fun; you will all be missed." --Aaron

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