May News from Live Edge Design: Wonderful walnut

New oneTree, going the extra mile, new products and all with a walnut twist 

“Truly great things take time...a Black Walnut sapling was planted in the late 1800's growing tall and majestic until 2015 when its limbs began to crumble onto nearby houses. Live Edge Design got wind of its removal and requested it for our next oneTree exhibit. It took two full days to take the tree down piece by piece. It will take 12 months of air drying and a further 3 months of kiln drying before we (and any other interested artisans) can begin to use the wood. Over 1000 hours of labour will come from this one tree...We can respect and honor this tree with the effort we put in to preserving its beauty!”
John Lore, Owner and President, Live Edge Design

To find out more about oneTree 2017 click here. If you are interested in being a oneTree artist you can download our submission form here. 


Project focus...going the extra mile

Going the extra mile for our clients is what we do best! This giant maple burl tree is testament to this.

To cut the wood at this size took considerable effort. 

To bend the walnut into this curvaceous base took meticulous craftsmanship.

Redesigning and forming the Rainforest dining chairs to suit this clients needs took the collaboration of 5 of our employees.

Crating and shipping this to Switzerland took 8 weeks. 

This is not the end of the story...

After spending 2 months on the ocean this table picked up enough ambient humidity that it created surface cracks. We worked with a Swiss Carpenter to put it right.

The story our mutual friends join them for dinner and take pictures.Thank you to Pat and Rosemarie Keough at Nahanni Productions for the superior imagery.

Read more client stories at


New product... 

It's official our Kett dining table collection has been launched and is now available in any size, in round or rectangular formats and in a "plethora" of wood species...see more here

Kett dining table
Kett dining table

Woodworker spotlight.... 

Our woodworkers use bright spotlights to highlight the wood grain when they are finish sanding...we like to reverse that light from time to time and see what's under the surface of our talented Stéfane


Grain stream

A deluge of interesting grain and detail shots that we've worked on. See more, more often by following us on instagram.

Featured in stock piece...

To ensure as much wood as possible is used for its best purpose we developed the 'Wood Surplus Program' where our woodworkers could purchase and use off-cuts to create pieces of their own design.

This coffee table was designed and built by St
éfane and features a cascade leg and a tapered walnut leg. The spline detail can be seen in the cascading leg.

Dimensions: 16-21" w x 40" l x 18" h

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