oneTree numbers, new designs, new staff members and an award


With only 10 days left of the oneTree Exhibit at the Robert Bateman Centre I thought I'd share some of the numbers;
52 artists gained exposure at this event from creating,
102 items for the exhibit,
5000+ visitors over 75 days,
$500,000 worth of art,
4 personal jaw dropping, 'AHA' moments, 
5 Meet the artists days,
0 parking spaces out front due to untimely roadworks,
1 tree.

My first jaw dropping, 'AHA' moment was receiving Gary David's, 'A Crack in Time' plate' (3) the caliber of talent in this piece gave me pause. My second such moment was on opening night, staring into the faces of David Parsanishi's, 'Suzuki' carvings (4). Eugene Laughren's giant, turned bowls "Order and Chaos' (1) were yet another such experience for me. Lastly, John Marston's, Coast Salish Owl | Spiritual Messenger (2 photo credit: sherstone.com) was a late addition to the show (due to wood drying timelines) but it had me in stunned reverence on sight. 

John Lore
Owner and President at Live Edge Design
Founder of oneTree
Subject of image 5 by Kurt Knock Photography

If you haven't had a chance to visit the show you can see more of the finished pieces here:

If one of these pieces gave you an 'AHA' moment then consider voting in the people's choice awards here:




oneTree 2017 will end on Jan 31st but the preparations for oneTree 2019 are already underway. We are currently looking for one big tree with a story to tell. If you hear of one please email woodsupply@liveedgedesign.com and note that we do not cut down healthy trees.


We still have a few oneTree t-shirts left, $23 each. Email: info@liveedgedesign.com




This incredibly clever table can be unfolded and moved to any location. It's unique folding mechanism, lightweight solid wood construction and built-in wheels create an elegant, high-quality upgrade for restaurants and banquet halls.


See the 'Portare' table in action...


Our work was voted best in the Customer Service category, as our portfolio includes some of the most consistent reviews on Houzz in 2017

Some great, professional recognition for our Super Sales Team and the experiences they are creating for our clients.



When Alice was 4, her father handed her a brush and a bucket (albeit filled with water) and asked her to go paint the dock.

With diligence and determination she finished her task, fascinated by the wood's transformation under her careful strokes.

From that time on Alice knew wood was a wonderful and creative medium to work with.

Born and raised in Ontario, Alice moved on to complete an undergrad Honours in Philosophy on the East Coast. She then traversed the province of BC, spending many a summer planting trees. Where, might you ask, did this bring her?  To the Fine Furniture program at Camosun College in Victoria, of course. A grad of 2017, Alice has found her home both in the Cowichan Valley and at Live Edge Design. To quote George Nakashima- "After a year of doing general farm work, it is quite clear to me that chickens and I are not compatible."



This week, John is travelling to Honolulu for the BIA home show from January 26-28. 



Walnut metro dining table
Banquette seating
Western maple with 'character' and glass rover detail
“Live Edge brought our design ideas to life and allowed us to truly integrate the interior design of the space with the furnishings. The quality and craftsmanship of the piece is evident in the intricate detailing of this bench. Our client and residents of the apartment building cannot speak enough of its beauty!”

Brittany Kane, Duffy Design Group