John shares his passion for hands-on workshops, Cowichan Artisans upcoming tour, Meet one of us plus see exciting new project images and latest creation images to make you drool.


I discovered early on that many people made their living at a computer, but inside, they were like me, with a need to create with their hands. Thus was born the rustic furniture course (1995), a weekend where anybody could build a chair or a bench they could be proud of. The course became a major part of the business. It was soulful to help people create something they never thought they could and glow with pride at the outcome and I'm excited to try it again.

Thus my vision and passion for the Wild Workshop that will take place at our studio on Mearns Rd, April 21and 22.

Using the oneTree concept a single cedar tree (kindly donated by the District of North Cowichan) that fell during a storm last winter will find new life. Participants of the workshop will be challenged to create as many pieces as they can from this single tree.

Getting hands-on experience and guidance from our team they will build an outdoor furniture piece over the two-day workshop and take home their creation.

To celebrate the life of the cedar tree and our group accomplishments we will sit down to a long table dinner catered by George Gates of the Farm Table Inn where we'll be serving barbecued salmon on seasoned cedar planks from the tree.

~ John


1. John explaining the process of designing a table

2. Bent willow garden pieces made in a workshop in 1995 (still at John's house!)

3. BBQ'd salmon that has been cooked on a marinated and seasoned cedar board.



Visit our studio during the Cowichan Artisans Open Studio weekend, April 13, 14 and 15.




Punk rocker turned farmer who applies an incredibly smooth furniture finish

Adam works in our finishing department, applying and sanding the meticulous layers of finish that give us the silky smooth finish we're known for. He's the strong silent type with one or two funny jokes to tell.

Favourite tree...

"It's an odd one but the Coconut Tree...I used to climb them as a kid...I was raised in Honduras."

Do you have any hobbies?

"Animals...I think I can safely say that animals are my hobby. We've three horses, two dogs, a cat, two cockatiels and 14 chickens"


without pausing a beat.."The Flash, I could get a lot done in a short amount of time...I have an inherent lazy side to me so this would give me more free time to sit around "


"It used to be strictly punk rock but now I listen to everything."

Favourite Book...

"Lord of the Rings"



Check out these walnut bistro table tops in our drying racks. Little beauties at 24" x 30" they're classy and warm with a bevelled edge, destined for a luxury hotel in San Francisco.



These walnut dining tables were made by book matching stunning slabs into elegant, functional tables. Our team, hand selected the slabs in close consultation with our client.  Check these out in person at the Victor Restaurant, Vancouver. 



We pride ourselves on being an active, contributing member of the Cowichan Valley. Throughout the Month of April keep your eyes peeled for us at these local events:

The HUB's Easter Fair (We supplied REAL Maple syrup for the pancake breakfast!)

The Saturday Market, April 7th (We'll be with the other Cowichan Artisans in booth 109)

Black Tie Awards, April 7th (Look for our tables and staff at this event) 

Portals Gallery, April 9th - 24th Art show with the Cowichan Artisans at the Community Centre

Cowichan District Hospital Foundation Gala, April 21st (Live Edge Coffee table donated for the gala auction)


Topographic Coffee Table
Fir Beam Coffee Table
Twin side tables
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