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The oneTree 2017 Walnut Creation “My Dinner with Andrew” a dining suite.

Designed by: John Lore, Joinery by Stefane Dimopoulos. Both of Live Edge Design, Duncan BC.

Materials: Walnut, brass, leather.

The oneTree 2017 Walnut Creation “My Dinner with Andrew” a dining suite.
oneTree dining chairs in walnut with leather upholstery and brass detail.


Gentlemen's dinner attire circa 1930



The man who built the house on Victoria’s St. Charles Street beside the oneTree walnut and is thought to have planted the walnut was prominent Victoria citizen and immigrant from Scotland via Winnipeg; Andrew Wright.

Live Edge Design has created a dining suite from the largest slab of the oneTree Walnut and John was imagining what it might be like to sit down to dinner with Andrew Wright and have a conversation about the tree and his life.

The following is an Excerpt from John Lore’s dinner with Andrew Wright (1860-1932)

John: Andrew, it is very special to be able to sit down to a meal and chat with you, especially since you have been dead for 85 years.

Andrew: (Scottish accent) Aach, let's sit a while and enjoy a wee dram afair supper.

John: Why did you sell your farm in Manitoba and move to Victoria?

Andrew: Whit kin ay a bampot question is that?, ye neer bin tae Winnipeg in January?

John: Why did you name the house you built in Rockland “Dalmahoy”?

Andrew: Ah grew up near a grand hoose “Dalmahoy” in Scootlund owned by this twally-washer, George Dooglas, the Earl ay Morton.

John: What made you choose to plant a walnut tree beside your house?

Andrew: We used tae raid the walnut trees beside Dalmahoy in Scootlund when Ah was a bairn. Bonnie trees! it took me a while tae hae a tree shipped by train frae Michigan, but weel worth it! ye shoods hae seen it graw!

John: What made you decide to move out of Dalmahoy and build the mansion “Riffington”?

Andrew: Samuel MacLure designed a coople ay hooses oan St Charles Street fancier than mine. Sae mah partners an Ah booght “uplands” farm frae the hudson bay company, hired John Olmsted tae design a neighboorhuid an Ah built a mansion thaur. Pained me tae say cheerio tae the walnut cabre.

John: Did you know the Hudsons Bay Company is nearly bankrupt and David Black now lives in Riffington?

Andrew: Hoo lang did ye say I've bin deid?

John: What do you think of this dining suite made from the St Charles Street Walnut tree?

Andrew: Ye cut doon mah cabre? Ye dunderhead! Glad yer pickin’ up the bill!







Over 60 pieces of art carved from a single salvaged tree will be on display at The Robert Bateman Centre starting November 16th for the oneTree 2017 exhibit. The Robert Bateman Centre and Live Edge Design have partnered once again, offering a chance for the
public to experience the work of locals galvanized by the story of a gnarly old tree. One salvaged walnut tree is being transformed by the hands of 53 artists, connecting the public to a visual experience of three-dimensional art inspired by the natural world.

This collaborative project demonstrates the potential for large economic impact from artisanal use of small amounts of salvaged wood, merging art with skilled craftsmanship and an appreciation for the natural world. These Canadian artists have created over $100,000 in value-added art, with diverse pieces ranging from 9 musical instruments, 23 pieces of furniture, 2 doors, 11 sculptures, 6 bowls, 5 lights, and even 1 gnome home.




We're so excited to launch the oneTree video by the talented Scott Gillies at Azara Effects Productions (also a oneTree selected artist).




If you are a professional designer or architect then consider joining us for a oneTree quality party on Friday, Dec 1st.

We've teamed up with BC Wood to offer a fun and educational evening for professional development units through AIBC and IDIBC

Please note that the party is at the Robert Bateman Center and includes admission to the oneTree Exhibit and Robert Bateman’s paintings.

For more information and to book your tickets please visit‚Äč