The story behind the glass

Showcasing Nature


We love trees. We love their beauty. We love their curves, crooks and crannies (we like to call these 'features'). These 'features' create incredible grain and focal points in our furniture but they don't make great surfaces for a fine dining experience. In 2008 we developed a way to inlay organically shaped glass into the table top to not only create an even dining surface but also showcase the beauty within the wood.

Our first glass inlay

RiverRun, Tidepool or Puddle?

Since then, we've been refining our process to create remarkable curves and colours.

We've created 3 options for your table. Choose from a full length 'RiverRun', a mid-sized 'Tidepool' or a small stand alone 'Puddle'. Each of these options is available with or without rocks.


Custom uniqueness

Every single slab of wood is different. This is challenging but worth the investment of time to get remarkable results.

We work closely with you to pick just the right slab that suits your home, your character and your furniture needs. We have 100's of expertly dried slabs to pick from so we're confident we can find just the right layout for you...then we add the glass (we'll also factor these into our shop drawings for your approval).

Live Edge Design.

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