Enthusiastic Craftsperson and Caring Safety Officer who is always a bright
ray of sunshine in our shop.

Alice joined the Live Edge Team as a woodworker and quickly fit right in. 
She sees Live Edge Design as a whole, and its parts are made up of all
the people she spends her days with.  When she’s not busy creating
beautiful pieces, Alice is assessing how to make working life better and
safer along with the rest of the Safety Committee.

What started you on your woodworking path?

When I was 4, my father handed me a brush and a bucket (albeit filled with
water) and asked me to go paint the dock.  With diligence and
determination, I finished my task, fascinated by the wood's transformation
under my careful strokes.  From that moment, I knew wood was a
wonderful and creative medium to work with.


I was born and raised in Ontario. As soon as I was able, I moved to Halifax
Nova Scotia, and eventually received a Combined Honors Philosophy
degree from the University of King’s College.

How did you end up on the West Coast?

I have always been drawn to it. My favourite song growing up was
“Northwest Passage” by Stan Rogers. I listened to it again recently and am
curious if some seed was planted in my brain then.

Favourite Quote...

Richard Wagamese- “Let the mystery remain a mystery. Grace comes
from finding our path to it every day. Power comes from embracing that.”





Core Value
Proudly made in Canada...from tree to table...the whole 9 yards!
Team Live Edge
Live Edge Design.

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