Steller Director of Operations who's actually an introverted super geek.

Amber started out at LIve Edge in 2013 as a Sales Associate and has moved through the ranks, settling in as Live Edge Design’s Director of Operation and Wood Supply. She also holds a chemical engineering degree, a wall full of badminton trophies, reads an average of 52 books a year and currently holds the title of Geek Supreme in the office. 

"I appreciate the balance that my work at Live Edge affords me and my family.  Working with clients to find the perfect one of a kind design solutions for their spaces is a lot of fun and I get excited working with people who understand the artistry that we create here. Wonderfully, the flexibility of this job still allows me the time to sit on school council executives, to drive my kids to dance and soccer, to make Princess Leah Cupcakes and Angry Bird birthday cakes, and to spend time travelling with my better half.”


"Fascinated by astronomy as a child, I take inspiration from Roberta Bondar.  She was the first Canadian woman in space and her achievement speaks to me of the ability we all have in us to reach for our dreams.”

Something no one else knows . . .

"I have a phobia of foxes. Unique and weird. Like me. “


“My spare time usually consists of reading, writing, camping, and travelling.  Naturally, I also have a couple of odd quirks. As a child, I loved doing puzzles upside down, and as an adult I’m slowly working my way through visiting the “world’s largest” things with my best friend.  Oil lamp, Giant skunk, Pierogi, hockey stick.  Those, and many more, have all been checked off our list.”


"To go with my love of reading, and my dozens of boxes of books, I have a huge collection of bookmarks.  They are currently stored in a bag in my basement but maybe one day they’ll go on display in my (yet to be finished) library.”

Favourite piece...

"The Lieberman Boardroom table was my absolute favourite piece! But, in my opinion, the best thing about Live Edge Design is the artist’s connection to the wood and how we help end owners learn a little about their builder.  That we take the time to connect our craftsmen to our clients is something I'm immensely proud of."

Some projects that Amber has worked on...

Kitchen island wrap around
Kitchen island wrap around
Live Edge Sliding Barn Door
Live Edge Sliding Barn Door
Wall art
Wall art
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