Supreme Sales Associate with a mind and heart for customer care.

Christine has worked at Live Edge Design since 2012. and quickly became our Hospitality expert. She has a colourful background that involves working in the Naval Reserve, teaching English in the Central Pacific, and hanging out in Australia for a year. She believes in tough-love and an endless arsenal of compliments.

Christine is creative, energetic and optimistic. She can often be seen for hours at her desk without taking a break...working out the best solutions for her clients.


"Performing, whether it be music, theatre, or a combination, inspires me. The sheer joy of creating something fun with a diverse group of people focused on a common purpose is Unbeatable."


"I’m usually the one who ships things off to the secondhand store. I do love my functional vintage kitchen wear though."

Fave Live Edge piece...

"I thought the  Hemmera Board room table was exceptional. The client trusted us so we got to make decisions on the wood together and the result was stunning.

Thoughts on Trees...

"How can I have a favourite? They’re all so different. And when I really spend time looking, the tree is beautiful no matter what kind it is." 

Some projects that Christine has worked on...

Thetis console with stretcher SV
Thetis console with stretcher SV
(Custom) Bookshelf SV
(Custom) Bookshelf SV
Cascade bench
Cascade bench
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