Shipping and Assembly Assistant with #Assets

Colton is our shipping and assembly assistant with a head for marketing and the future. He describes himself as friendly, passionate and fiercely ambitious. Colton can be seen cruising in the Live Edge delivery van or wielding a screwdriver and level in the shipping department...preassembling pieces to make sure everything ships in tip top shape. Quality first. On the weekends you might catch him shooting a music video or driving a primo sports car.


"Yes, Ziggy the dog."

If you were a superhero...

"Batman. He doesn't have anything super about him except money and drive."


"I own a business...a clothing line ( does that count as a hobby?"

Would you be willing to eat a bowl of crickets for $40,000?

"Yeah, in a heartbeat!"

Favorite Tree...

"Christmas Tree."

Core Value
Our larger then life purpose? To make the world appreciate environmentally-sourced wood crafted by local artisans.