Marketing Director, Designer, farmer and self proclaimed super mom.

Donna is the Marketing Director at Live Edge Design and the creative genius behind our website and some of our product designs. When she is not chasing her two small children around her hobby farm she can be found in the studio exercising her multidisciplinary marketing mind.

Donna joined Live Edge in 2006 after completing a masters degree in the UK. “One of the first things I did was to gather alder logs in the forest for the rustic line of log furniture that John was then known for (Pickle Ridge Rustic Carpentry). I earned my stripes and was soon carving out a position of creativity within the company that I LOVE!”

Princess Holly

"Princess Holly is my pet ewe who lives a happy life on the farm with our turkeys and chickens. She is a purebred Dorset and provides fleece for my spinning wheel, she also calls for me when it’s time for dinner.."

Favorite Tree...

"Big Leaf Western Maple tree. There is always new grains and shapes and colours to be seen. Or a Truffula tree, I love the 'Lorax' movie."

Favourite piece...

"My favorite thing that I’ve seen come out of the shop was some elm table tops and bar tables that we made for JW Marriott Essex House."


"My favorite book right now is Wild by Cheryl Strayed a remarkable tale of the authors journey of healing (and hurting) along the Pacific Coast Trail."

Team Live Edge