Woodworker and Live Edge’s rustic furniture expert

Jan is one of the longest serving employees. He has seen everything. The cool thing about Jan is that he’s a professional skeptic and a mathematical genius. If you’re going to tell Jan something you had best have some proof. His forte is that he can do anything - he could build you an entire house!

“I started with John Lore back in the Pickle Ridge days when he was making bent twig furniture. The company is always evolving and creative so I have stayed with it. I’m proud of working for a company that turns local woods that are destined for firewood into amazing high-quality furniture."

Jan describes himself as humble, reflective and generous. He can also bake a mean Gevulde Speculaas.


"One. Henry the dog."


"The scientific method. Rational thinking. Plato."


"Which Superhero would I be? That’s an impossible question. What do you want me to say? God?"

Favorite Tree...


Favorite Book...

""How the Mind Works" by Stephen Pinker."

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