Multitasking mogul of the Live Edge machine, Farmer, Father.

Mike claim to fame is that he has been working for Live Edge for almost half of his life. Mike started at Pickle Ridge, John Lore’s previous furniture company, collecting cedar and alder logs with his dad and together they have cut many loads of scrub Alder over the past 15 years. Mike built furniture for John for 12 years, building anything from rustic furniture to high end cabinets and dining suites. Three years ago Mike's arms started to fail him (from the repetitive work) so he decided to apply for the production manager position and never looked back. Production Manager is the nerve center and coordinator of the entire plant. Without him the shop would fall into complete chaos.

Mike describes himself as honest, friendly and hardworking. Some of his hobbies include floor hockey, which he has been playing for 25 years," I LOVE hockey!". He and his wife are also hardcore hobby farmers; "We farm everything you can think of." 

He can be found at his desk most days (and nights) making sure everyone has work and knows when to get it done!


"We don’t really have “pets” we have animals. We raise meat chickens, layers, pigs, sheep, turkeys and rabbits on my hobby farm. Oh, we have one cat, and his name is Grey."

Collection of Wood Planks...

"I collect scraps of highly figured wood from Live Edge, I build cutting boards and other wood crafts in what spare time I have."


"My close friends call me Moot. My cousin started to call me Moot when I was very young and it stuck."


"I don’t care much for super heroes actually, I like factual people. My Dad and Mom are my heroes."


"Music is pretty important to me. I listen to all sorts of different genres and artists. There's not much I don’t listen to."

Favorite Tree...

"The Sequoia tree is my favorite: giants of the forest, I love how they all grow in a perfect v shape with a huge base, a tiny top, and vibrant green needles, from my eyes, they are the perfect looking tree."

Some projects that Mike has worked on...

Log bed
Log bed
Scooch communal table
Scooch communal table
Tree root bench
Tree root bench
Team Live Edge