The man with the level head..and hand.

Rick operates the slab-flattening machine, which also happens to be the spot where Live Edge takes pictures of every slab. He takes the crooked mess that comes out of the kiln and turns it into beautiful, flat, sexy slabs, and then he takes their picture.

Rick describes himself as mellow, quirky, and reliable. When he's not hefting giant tree parts around he can often be found perusing the vendors at the Duncan Farmers market on Saturdays.


"I collect cookbooks. I actually use them on occasion too."


"I ride my bike. Cut firewood. And I actually love to cook."

Favorite Tree...

"Douglas Fir ." 



Favorite Thing that’s come out of the Shop...

"That's a tough one. Every piece looks better than the last."

Some projects that Rick has worked on...

Live edge bar top in walnut
Live edge walnut bar top
Hollow log bench
Hollow log bench
Fireplace slabs LA
Fireplace slabs LA
Team Live Edge