Reserved, Precise, No Nonsense man who does not care for the limitations of labels.

Stefane is our assistant Shop Manager, with a background from Camosun College’s fine furniture program. He loves furniture design, fancy joinery and beautiful wood. Stefane is always calm and level headed.

“Architecture and design are my passions; it was a natural fit to start working with Live Edge Design in 2012. I find it very humbling to work with salvaged trees; their size and their stories.”

Something no one else knows . . .

"Not much. I’m an open book."


"I don’t really collect anything apart from wood. Surprise, surprise."

Favorite Thing that’s come out of the Shop...

"Apart from my own work, the Silver Maple Tree tidepool. The Cascade. I enjoy making them and I enjoy the finished piece. Architecture and design are my passions."

Best Compliment...

"I got a “good job” from Kurtis once. That meant a lot."


"My taste in music varies. Right now I’m really into Hip Hop. My favorite artist is Shad."

Some projects that Stéfane has worked on...

Kawa table
Kawa table
Silver Maple dining table by Live Edge Design
Silver Maple dining table
Decorative Wall Panels SV
Decorative Wall Panels SV
Team Live Edge
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