Meet Stephanie our Super Sales Manager

Tenacious, Customer Relationship Maven with a Rocking Roller Derby Alter Ego.

Stephanie joined our sales team in March 2018 and has quickly found a home in offering clients design support through the creation of their custom furniture. Her interior design background and ability to communicate a vision has proven invaluable to the clients she's been working with.

We sat Stephanie down and asked her the tough questions;



Family.  My family inspires me everyday- some days admittedly more than others



An old poodle named Lola and a cat named May... oh and a bunny named Pumpkin, and 4 sheep and 5 ducks, and......


Three words that describe you...

Friendly, outgoing & loud?


What is something no one else knows about you?

Marching bands make me cry- especially bag pipes.  I get it from my dad.



Well, I have a hobby farm, so that takes up most of my "hobby time"... gardening, canning, planning, animals, and so on.  I also play Roller Derby, which gives me my "me-time" where I don't need to think about work, or farming or anything at all really.



Rocks, fossils, bones and feathers.  I don't really try to, they're just so beautiful.


Favourite Tree...

Maple.  They are so big and beautiful.  We also tap maple trees in the winter on our farm which always amazes me. 


What was the last gift you gave someone?

Dinner out.  I prefer to give experiences over stuff


You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

 Teal!  Because teal everything!!

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