Software developing master of the web

Ted splits his time between working on the Live Edge website and helping out in finishing and shipping. He has an internet software business on the side and is passionate about technology. Ted’s willingness to jump in and do anything that needs to be done is appreciated by everyone. Ted describes himself as friendly, persistent and a bit of a perfectionist.

"I am incredibly detail-focused which makes me great at both finishing the furniture and organizing the data behind the scenes of the website. I'm passionate about what Live Edge does and just HAD to work here."


"The heart in others."

Something no one else knows . . .

"My dad used to call me a cabinet maker when I was a kid because I was always such a perfectionist. And look where I am now!"


"Gardening. Cycling. Hiking. Swimming."


"I collect ideas. Business ideas, to be specific. And they rarely make it past the idea stage, hence being a collection."

Favorite Tree

"Teak tree. Because my full initials spell T.E.A.K. Wood"

Favorite Thing out of the Shop

"The maple burl coffee table with glass inlay, made for Joey's Restaurant."

Some projects that Ted has worked on...

Thetis dining table
Thetis dining table
Walnut wooden hoop dining table
Walnut wooden hoop dining table
Team Live Edge