Motivated, Man of the World or is that Man of the Water?


Hector is our shipping and assembly assistant with a head for marketing and the future. He describes himself as adaptable, pertinacious and positive. Hector has a degree in international trade and has lived in many different countries around the globe. He has quickly found a home at Live Edge Design, pre-assembling pieces before they ship out to ensure the highest quality standards. "Since working at Live Edge I've discovered a part of me, I'm able to take my design ideas and work with wood in my spare time to turn my ideas into something palpable."



"Since the age of 13, the NASA motto has resonated with me, 'Failure is not an option', the fear of failure inspires me and drives me to focus, push myself and try to be a better man, every day."


If you were a superhero...

"Aquaman. Definitely Aquaman. I'm a fish. Water is my element. Surfing, spear fishing...if it involves water, i'm there."



"Wooworking, Surfing, Travelling, Cooking and pamper my love is an everyday pleasure. Also, learning...the only thing you can do every single day is learn."dw


Favorite Tree...

"The Sacred Ceiba Tree, it was the Mayan symbol of the universe. My Grandfather grew one on our family home in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico and it's such a constant, big and sturdy presence through family events that it has become synonymous with family for me."

"I also love the Amate Amarillo tree, it thrives in harsh landscapes, building incredible root structures in unexpected places. It stands out."


A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

"He's escaped from the Mexico City Zoo, he can't find the Salsa and he wants me to take him to 'Tim's' for a double double."