Our vision


"I hope to share with you my fascination for the tree's beauty. I look with wonder on its longevity in withstanding natural disasters, living through historic moments, and continuing its presence in your home."

John Lore. Founder and front man of Live Edge Design.



We salvage trees brought down by storms or left behind by forest companies and construction companies.

Our favourite is the Western Bigleaf Maple (acer macrophyllum), sought after by luthiers, wood turners and carvers for its exceptional colour and figure.

Tree growth takes place just beneath the bark. The rich contours of this live edge give a sculptural quality to our furniture.


On its journey to become your custom made furniture the tree is milled into massive slabs, innovatively dried, exquisitely designed, expertly crafted and finely finished all at our studio on Vancouver Island.


The result is spectacular West Coast Natural furniture built to last for generations. The unique pieces command attention and conversation.

Your guests will love the story of the tree that became your treasure. (Accompanying story books are available on request).


Whole tree ethos
Tree story
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Live Edge Design.

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