Big lonely Doug

Just a story (this one will not be turned into furniture!)

Big Lonely Doug is perhaps the loneliest tree in Canada.

He stands in the middle of a clear-cut on the west coast of Vancouver Island all alone, only the stumps of his neighbours remain.

The giant cedar trees and other Douglas fir trees that once surrounded Doug were cut down and hauled away by loggers in 2012.

At least they had the foresight to spare Canada's largest Douglas Fir.

John and his wife, Dorothy, hiked for half an hour through rough terrain to meet him. Doug is estimated to be 70 metres tall and 1000 years old.

A full story of Doug and what is being done to help save other old growth fir trees form a similar fate was written by Mark Hume at the Globe and mail, read it here...

More photos and videos can be found on the website for the Ancient Forect Alliance (a British Columbian organization working to protect the endangered old-growth forests of BC and to ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province).