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SPOTLIGHT : Commercial

This recent communal cafe table for Neumann Smith Architecture has just been installed in on of their clients open lounge concept space in a corporate office.

A Communal or Community table is a large table in a restaurant or café meant for a collection of individuals or small groups. There is more social science and economics behind the communal table than you might imagine and it is one of the biggest trends in restaurants today.

Natural edged communal tables are typically 7-16 feet long, 2.5-3.5 feet wide and often 42” tall. 42” is a nice height for sitting on a standard 30” stool as well as for standing. The tall table allows one to wander up and socialize with those who are sitting, without feeling like you are imposing. It also increases the capacity beyond the number of chairs. Their narrow nature allows for conversation with those seated across from you in a busy atmosphere.



The effect of wood in interior design

A study was conducted to evaluate the impact of  wood interiors in a was measured by using employees at a hospital as an expert group and patients as a control group.

This is part of a larger Norwegian research project looking into the possible health benefits from wood use in interior design.

"An anonymous e-mail questionnaire was sent out to employees and patients at a Norwegian hospital and the participants were asked to rate the pictures on twelve items describing the room. The pictures were data-manipulated pictures of a patient room with different amount of wood used on walls, floor and ceiling, on a continuum from no wood to all wood. All the items in the questionnaire were taken from standardised measures related to preferences for both exterior and interior settings. The results indicated that it was the room with an intermediate level of wood that was the most preferred. This room was also rated as most Pleasant, Natural, Calming, and Secure, and as the least Boring room."

Health Benefits from Wood Interior in a Hospital Room (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed May 16, 2017].

Quality Party


We love a good party!

Earlier this month Amber and Shar met with Gustavson Wiley Architects in Vancouver for a lunch and learn, quality party session. During this 1 hour session were able to work through some nuances of working with wood and had some delicious eats by NOSH.

To book a lunch and learn session please email

SPOTLIGHT : Design collaboration

This single slab of Western Maple tells its story in harmony with the ancient rocks at it's centre. A balance of natural elements that is striking and will spark the most incredible dinner conversation.

True masters have joined forces to collaborate on a series of pieces entitled 'Ancient Live Edge'. This debut piece is just the beginning for John Lore, Owner at Live Edge Design and husband and wife team, Naomi and Andreas Kunert of Ancient Art of Stone. Pictured as a dining table but could look equally dashing as a sliding barn style door.

Each rock is selected and placed by Andreas Kunert with crystals specifically selected by Naomi.

Read more here...

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“Live Edge brought our design ideas to life and allowed us to truly integrate the interior design of the space with the furnishings. The quality and craftsmanship of the piece is evident in the intricate detailing of this bench. Our client and residents of the apartment building cannot speak enough of its beauty!”

Brittany Kane, Duffy Design Group